Side Duels and Challenges

Parent Duel (SD1)

Name Score
AdamC 699
TeemuL 849
PhilH 308

Rules: Open to any one with a child under 3. First new Dad or Mom to reach his or her painting goal is the winner.
Prize: Other participating parents will post on their blog, showcasing the winner's painting and parenting prowess and linking back to the winners blog.

Age of Black Powder Duel (SD2)

Name Score
GregB 291
Curt 35
MartinN 0
ChristopherS 30
BenF 20
KentG 4,089
PeteF 531

Most points in black powder themed figures from the 16th-19th centuries.
Prize: The vanquished will supply a painted 28mm figure (of their choice) to the victor.

Renaissance Duel (SD3)

Name Score
RobH 7
IainW 220
Curt 209
SidneyR 693

Rules: Most points for any figures, terrain from the 14-17th century.
Prize: Victor gets a painted 28mm figure from the vanquished (their choice).

Washington vs Cornwallis (SD4)

Name Score
MilesR 17
MartinC 12

Rules: Winner by public vote for best painted miniature.
Prize: Winner receives the opponent's painted miniature.

One Hump or Two Camel Challenge (SD5)

Name Score
DaveD 12
SanderS 11

Rules: Both make a vignette using at least half the figures sent us by the opponent and adding whatever we want to the vignette. A public vote will decide the best effort when both vignettes are finished.
Prize: Winner to receive the other vignette as a prize.

Fantasy Challenge (SD6)

IannickM 228
MilesR 160

Rules: Most points of fantasy figures in any scale.
Prize: Winner receives a miniature from all other participants, or two if Miles.

1/1200 Napoleonic Naval Duel (SD7)

Name Score
MilesR 0
PaulO'G 0

Rules: TBA.
Prize: TBA.