Sunday, November 27, 2016

Duels Roster Available

Hi All,

The first round of the Side Duels and Challenges roster is available via the link on the menu above! It will continue to live there and be the one source of truth for all point tallies, etc.

This includes all the material sent to me previously via email, plus that which I was confident I could capture from the comments on the main Challenge blog.

If there are any corrections or additions please send them to and I will amend accordingly. The roster will continue to grow up to and potentially even past the start of the Challenge.

Have I got your side duel listed correctly?

PLEASE REVIEW the roster if you have issued or accepted a side duel to ensure I've got you down correctly and that the rules and spoils of the victor are a true reflection of what's been agreed.

Have you really thought about what you're doing?

You will notice that a number of side duels don't have agreed prizes and in some cases even the rules are yet to be defined. I assume this is because you've been struck dumb by the sheer terror of what you have committed to. Or not. Either way, please let me know the details ASAP.

Some housekeeping stuff...

1. I'll be updating a couple of times a week, probably around Wednesday and Sunday evenings my time i.e. Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Whenever you score points towards your side duel please email me and it will be added in the next update. Likewise if you win a side duel.

2. I've structured the rules of each side duel to remove any reference to losers or vanquished. There are no losers here, just winners and the rest. :-)

3. It is assumed that victors have bragging rights. There's no need to include that in the rules of each and every duel! No, really, there isn't.

4. If you have a question please ask! I'll endeavour to answer as quickly as possible and where relevant will post here for the benefit of all.

That's it for now people. Now get back to prepping and virtually slapping one another about the face with a metaphorical gauntlet.

Yours affectionately,
Millsy the GIMP and Side Duels Wallah


  1. Thanks for organising
    @Sharp Practice duel: JamesB and JonathanO, should we agree some rules? Most points?

    1. Hi Benito, how about most points, figures must be in Sharp Practice sized groups. Artillery, vehicles okay too. I am hoping to start on some 18th century forces, so this side challenge will be some encouragement for me to get some points on the board. I will be happy to supply a painted figure to the winner.

    2. Agree on points, to the end of the Challenge.
      Good ide aon the prize, I shall be offering a mounted commander in my case.

  2. JuanM and Curt are going to have an 'Inquisitor & Retinue' duel. Most points of 40K themed Inquisistion figures is the victor and receives a figure as prize. Millsy, Juan will email you for confirmation of details.

  3. ScottM and I will be doing an Early WWII duel. We will also team up for our Curtgeld challenge entry. Email sent to Millsy.

  4. thanks for the great way you're handling this Millsy!