Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Roster Updated

Hi All,

The Side Duels and Challenges Roster has been updated with all the new and revised information which I've received over the last few days. Please check and make sure I've got yours right.

A couple of people have sent in Side Duels with no participants other than the individual setting up the duel which I guess is a way of issuing a challenge?!? I'm not going to add these until such time as they have at least two participants to avoid cluttering the list with duels which may not go ahead.

The list of "uncontested" duels is currently as follows:

Native Duel - DavidB
Include a native in each unit painted. In David's own words... "I will be placing at least one native within every unit painted. This can be warpaint, skin hue, facial features, totems, even tribal gear....everyone talks about those apron ed French Imperial Guard swinging axes, but nobody noticed that one Huron hidden in file behind the eagle?! ;) I challenge anyone to see who is sneakier! You don't even have to buy additional troops, just alter one to be painted by conversion or color application...."

28mm Scales Vehicles - Miles R
Who can paint the most vechicles by Challenge end.

If you are inclined to accept any of these Side Duels let me know on challengesideduels@gmail.com and I will set them up properly. Thanks.

Till next time!

Millsy the Duels Wallah and All Around Top Bloke


  1. The Native challenge does sound fun! I'm very tempted...

    Anyone going to be doing any 54mm figures that would be interested in a challenge?

  2. I will push Miles on his 28mm vehicle quest.